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UiTM is the largest university in Malaysia. Since all quality management systems of faculties, campuses and a majority of departments in UiTM are based on ISO9001:2008, internal audits are carried out regularly.  In conducting internal audits, numerous forms need to be completed and compiled as audit reports which are later presented to the top management during Management Review meetings (MKSP).

The previous method of reporting and record-keeping of audit findings is faced with consolidation and tracking issues as auditors change over time.  Apart from that, recording data and reporting findings are both time-consuming.  Thus, Sistem e-Pelaporan Audit Dalam UiTM or SePADU, a web-based system, was developed to improve the internal audit process and to allow for better monitoring of the whole UiTM quality management system.  This innovation allows for the administrator and/or auditees to:

  • schedule audits and manage audit records (internal audit report and audit logs)
  • report audit findings online (internal audit team)
  • verify and comment on auditors’ findings by the Head of Audit Team (HoAT)
  • view audit findings and respond to non-conformities raised (auditees)
  • monitor their quality management system in real-time (management)

As an e-service application, SePADU provides for a better management of quality records and specifically facilitates the internal audit process.  In a survey conducted among SePADU users regarding the four main e-services quality measures - availability, appearance, ease of use and security - 86.4% of the respondents preferred using SePADU; in comparison to the manual process. Among the reasons cited are ease of retrieving records, saves paper, very centralized, secured and reliable as access is only given based on roles and privileges.

This system has been implemented in 2010 by the internal audit team of respective units and is continuously being monitored and improved.  Optimized usage of SePADU with features that manage the audit process from planning to monitoring of the whole UiTM quality management system makes SePADU a complete and efficient system for reporting and managing quality records.


The SePADU url is http://onyx.uitm.edu.my/sepadu/utama.nsf. Materials are provided to assist user and users can refer to InQKA's manuals/modules - Auditor Module, Auditee Module, KSA Module and Admin Module - or view the step-by-step video tutorials.  The counter is always open at InQKA for questions regarding SePADU. Do contact us at :03-5522 5574 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The system was developed for internal use  only for all PTJs in UiTM. To gain access, users must be registered by the Administrators. Click here for details. Upon successful login, users may enter their internal audit findings, according to steps explained in the manuals and video tutorials. We do provide one day training to assist and facilitates users in using the system. Currently, we have * facilitators. Click here for list of facilitators...