Quality is everybody’s responsibility. Assuring quality for UiTM (academic, research, services) basically means that the citizen of the university must take stakeholder’s need into the forefront and face them head on, solve and resolve all conflicts to bring impact to stakeholder’s level of confidence. Dealing with their rapid and multidimensional needs, wants and requests, we put efforts to form a collaborative force internally to address issues and pain points raised by them. It is not easy but we are very much aware that nothing of quality shall result out of simplistic or superficial effort. Referring to great achievers of yesteryears, each piece of their work was a result of many hours of dedicated work, where attention to details were never compromised. Every turn in their achievement form a milestone getting them closer to the endpoint. In UiTM, the biggest challenge was always relating to effective communication. This demands leadership quality to emerge at all levels addressing communication effectiveness. InQKA with the external reviewer team, chief Quality Unit, internal auditors and operational excellence champion at all departments, faculty and branch whom do reach up to more than 500 individuals form the collaborative team that became the watchdog for the university. Leveraging on up to date technology they form a force to be reckon with. As the quality system owner, InQKA is very much appreciative of the team effort shown to date and we pledge to improve on the system further like embarking on a faster response mechanism especially in disseminating audit and review findings back to the departments.

This December signify my one year tenure as the Assistant Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Quality and Knowledge Advancement (InQKA). I am great full to Allah SWT that the journey so far was tough but manageable, challenging but satisfying, and demanding but rewarding. My greatest support comes from none other the Vice Chancellor, Dato Professor Emeritus Dr Hassan Said himself that empowers upon me and the team to embark on quality initiatives throughout the system but in return expects responsibility and accountability through his own tracking system. 

My final note: InQKA will from now improves on the electronic communication channel via website https://inqka.uitm.edu.my/main/, facebook at Institute of Quality and Knowledge Advancement – Inqka and Instagram InQKAUiTM. I hope the spirit of working together in assuring quality of the university will be extended to include everyone in UiTM (student and staff). My hope for the year 2017 is to see the team using the electronic meeting platform effectively and incorporating synchronous document sharing via the internet in view of balancing between managing with limited resources and not compromising quality assurance vis a vis stakeholder’s confidence.