The year 2020 shall bring more exciting initiatives revolving around quality management systems, quality assurance, operational excellence, innovation at work, data submission for ranking, and excellence award for and in UiTM.  I foresee that the year will bring us all closer to embrace quality goals set for the university. This website aims to establish a better communication channel between InQKA and more than five hundred (500) stakeholders, both internal and external of UiTM, explaining our vision and mission and describing our activities, projects, programs, plans, and achievements. This year Institute of Quality and Knowledge Advancement (InQKA) is inculcating a Behavioral Enhancement  Artifacts Nudge  (BEAN) to improve our work productivity, i) we set our work schedules that comprise of programs and activities for the whole year right at the onset of the new year. Hundred and twenty programs and activities are planned and put up in InQKA online calender and also table calendar for easy reference. InQKA diary was set for the whole year to help our internal and external stakeholders plan their work schedules and what to achieve in a day, week or month, and it keeps people on track in accomplishing the goals. 

Another BEAN introduces early of the year is the MOJO in all our meetings. MOJO stands for meeting owner and Joyful Observer. The initiative is hoped to turn meetings to be more productive and conducted efficiently. To align people’s mindset and to gear them towards quality culture is a new challenge. InQKA will continuously foster a quality culture, including shared values, beliefs, expectations, and commitment. Building up trust, a good organizational climate and a healthy workplace requires effective communication processes. In InQKA, meetings use as communication tools. Information will be shared by the observers to improve and generate quality behavior, attitudes and practices, creating a climate of mutual trust and support among staff, as well as a participative quality environment and continually improve operational excellence and efficiency. 

I believed that a website is much more than an information tool: it is a powerful communication medium. Websites must evolve in lockstep with new technologies, therefore require constant and ongoing updating and improvement to remain accessible and relevant to various users' needs. InQKA will share the most relevant information that includes forms, reports, news, calendars, quality documents, and other information on a diverse set of quality subjects to give stakeholders an in-depth view of InQKA updates. Through the website, we hope to reach out to our stakeholders including the external review team, Internal Quality Assessor Unit, Internal Auditors, Ranking Champions, Webmasters, Subject Matter Experts and Operational Excellence champions at all departments, faculty and branches.

Stay tuned for beefing up your departmental productivity that will lead to the overall University’s excellence and quality. Have a joyful year ahead.