Greetings and welcome to the Institute of Quality and Knowledge Advancement (InQKA). This site aims to establish communication between InQKA and its stakeholders internal and external of UiTM, explaining our vision and mission and describing our activities, projects, programs, plans and achievements. InQKA is the focal point in assuring quality for UiTM in the areas of academic, research and services. Efforts have been put to form a collaborative force internally in addressing stakeholder’s needs, wants and request into the forefront which have raised and bring impact to stakeholder’s level of confidence. Proudly, the yesteryears biggest challenge of communication effectiveness have been successfully addressed. InQKA has moved towards using electronic communication channel via website, facebook at Institute of Quality and Knowledge Advancement – InQKA and Twitter @inqka_uitm. These communication channels have helped us to reach out our stakeholders including external review team, Internal Quality Assessor Unit, Internal Auditors, Ranking Champions, Web Masters, Subject Matter Experts and Operational Excellence champions at all departments, faculty and branches.

The excellence awards such as Vice Chancellor’s Quality Award (AKNC) and Kumpulan Inovatif and Kreatif (KIK) yearly convention acts as a renowned and seamless quality cultural route that proved to be positive. There is a growing awareness of quality contributions in adopting integrated best practices which increase stakeholder’s interest and it continues to rise. The team effort shown is very much appreciated and we pledge to improve on the system further like embarking on a faster response mechanism especially in disseminating audit and review findings back to the departments

Currently, aligning people’s mindset and gearing them towards quality culture is a new challenge. InQKA will continuously foster a quality culture including shared values, beliefs, expectations and commitment. The effort for quality culture involves various activities such as generating quality behavior, attitudes and practices, creating a climate of mutual trust and support among stakeholders, a participative quality environment and continually improve operational excellence and efficiency. Another challenge is using technology as one of the creative ways to enhance quality excellence. Technology is embraced and making great strides in helping UiTM becoming more efficient and effective, faster communication, substantial labor savings from teaching and learning to management. Technological improvement will likely accelerate and emerge in InQKA.

InQKA persistence strong growth has been backed up and received greatest support from none other than the Vice Chancellor, Professor Emeritus Datuk Ir. Dr Mohd Azraai Kassim that empowers upon me and the team to embark on quality initiatives throughout the system but in return expects responsibility and accountability through his own tracking system. 

My final note: Despite all the challenges, InQKA will constantly find innovative ways in enhancing internal stakeholder’s behavior and nurture quality culture mindset towards ensuring self-improvement and excellence.  We also believe in opportunity for empowerment as well as grooming, moving people and talents to new quality platform and paradigm which will coordinate and manage the whole quality initiatives in UiTM.