The Institute for Quality and Knowledge Advancement (InQKA) is the body responsible for quality descriptions at Universiti Teknologi MARA. As a quality center, InQKA manages and catalyzes all quality-related activities conducted not only at the university and faculty level, but also at state-level campuses and branches, ensuring compliance with the Code of Practice for Institutional Audit (COPIA), Code of Practice for Accreditation Program (COPPA) and ISO 9001.

Continuing the quality assurance legacy, InQKA remains the ultimate coordinator or secretariat to UiTM for ISO 9001: 2008 certification at the corporate level by the LRQA certification body; co-ordinate the quality award at the university level namely the Vice-Chancellor Quality Award (AKNC) and the Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) Convention, as well as continuing other quality-focused portfolios. InQKA had focuses on several major mega projects at UiTM. These include the responsibility of coordinating self-accreditation audits for the entire UiTM system, organizing the Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance or SIEQA II 2015 and improving the overall UiTM Quality Management System through the Special Projects of the Vice Chancellor called QMS Version 2. UiTM Trans4U Policy also witnessed the change and the improvement of InQKA governance as a whole.


History of InQKA Development

Quality started in UiTM since 1994. Major changes have occurred to InQKA since then. The history of InQKA's development can be explained as follows: