24 April 2019

Bengkel Kelestarian UiTM /UiTM Sustainability Workshop, was recently held at Dewan Melati, UiTM Shah Alam on 26th March 2019. It was successfully attended by 60 participants consisting of Ranking Champions and stakeholders on the vision of UiTM moving towards a Green Campus. 

In October 2018, InQKA was given an assignment to look at the relevancy of UiTM to participate in Universitas Indonesia Green Metric (UIGM), a body that ranks universities worldwide on sustainability issues. Preliminary findings suggest that UiTM has many green initiatives and programs conducted by various entities and departments that could be mapped to UIGM. 

The main objectives of the workshop were to explain to the participants about:

Prof Dr Zakiah Ahmad, who heads the UiTM Sustainability project briefed the participants on the project and the six clusters (SWWEET), explaining the need for UiTM to go for UIGM. 

What is SWWEET?  - It constitutes the six clusters which are in tandem with the 17 SDGs.

S  – Setting the Environment

W – Waste Management

W – Water Management

E  -  Energy Management

E  – Education & Research

T  – Transportation 

Assoc.Professor Dr. Mohd. Fozi Ali, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) highlighted that the UiTM Green Initiative project will be officially launched soon.