6-7 August 2019

The academic programme assessment workshop is an important activity in the quality assurance process in UiTM.  The programme academic documents were assessed in compliance with COPPA guidelines to reflect the current quality assurance implementation and development of programmes by the faculties and campuses. The review process was conducted through extensive consultation with the qualified internal and external panels, which resulted in the evaluation of seven areas. The seven areas are: i. Programme Development and Delivery; ii. Assessment of Student Learning; iii. Student Selection and Support Services; iv. Academic Staff; v. Educational Resources; vi. Programme Management; and vii. Programme Monitoring, Review and Continual Quality Improvement. Five Provisional Accreditation Programmes and thirteen Full Accreditation Programmes were assessed.


Accreditation gives a significant value to the qualifications of the academic programmes. It enhances public confidence and can become a basis of recognition nationally and internationally. The Accreditation Report can be used for benchmarking and for revising quality standards and practices. The workshop was successfully delivered by Prof. Madya Dr Azizah Abdullah, Dr. Fadzlina Mohd Fahmi, Dr Zalilah Abd Aziz and supported by Puan Ayuni Salim and Nuryuhaini Khamis.