Prof. Dr. Normah Omar

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia

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Professor Dr Normah Omar, the Director of the Accounting Research Institute, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia has been recognised once again as one of the most influential women in Islamic finance by Cambridge International Advisory, a UK-based financial services organisation that provides strategic advice in the development of financial markets. Professor Dr. Normah was ranked second in the list this year moving up from the 9th position last year. A pioneer researcher in Islamic Financial Criminology, her passion for research in the area has contributed significantly in realising national aspirations to make Malaysia an Islamic financial hub.

Prof Normah, the first woman elected by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to sit on the “Anti- Corruption Certification Programme” (2017) is no stranger to awards, which include:

  • Global Good Governance award for excellence in higher education in Dubai (2017).
  • Advocacy of Islamic Financial Criminology award in Kazakhstan (2017).
  • Game Changer of the Year by ACQ (2016 & 2018).

As an expert in financial criminology, she works collaboratively with various government and professional agencies locally and internationally such as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Royal Malaysian Police, Royal Malaysian Custom, Institute of Integrity, Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance, CPA Australia, Association of Fraud Examiners, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Association of Bankers Malaysia and Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia, to name a few. A professional accountant by training, Professor Dr Normah Omar, is indeed a shining example for women, and has pursued many programmes in elevating the status of women entrepreneurs through the development of an innovative Islamic microfinance product. Her vast research experience of more than 25 years, has inspired and motivated many academics who see her as a mentor.

Microfinance Project MOA Signing Ceremony


Her future research will be focussing on “Strengthening Financial Technology through the use of data analytics and cloud computing in Islamic Business and Finance”. Under her leadership the Accounting Research Institute (ARI), UiTM, was awarded the status of Higher Institution Centre of Excellence by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in 2010, and has won many international accolades including:

  • 3G Research Excellence award by UK-based Cambridge 2019 (UK).
  • Eminence in Islamic Financial Criminology Research Award 2018 (Bosnia Herzegovina).
  • Global Research Excellence in Islamic Financial Criminology Award 2017 (Kazakhstan).
  • ASEAN Risk Awards, Global Enterprise Risk Management Academy, 2017
  • Research Body of the Year in Islamic Financial Criminology (ACQ Global Award) 2016
  • Best Research & Development in Islamic Finance Award 2016 (Indonesia).
  • Pioneer in Islamic Financial Criminology Research Award 2015 (Bahrain).


Looking forward, Prof Normah hopes to “forgeinternational collaborations with scholars and professionals from Russia, Africa and Europe to strengthen the research agenda in Islamic Financial Criminology”.