On Thursday and Friday, 14 & 15 January 2016, UiTM was being audited by LRQA Malaysia. This is the fourth and fifth Surveillance Audit (SV4 & SV5) for the ISO9001:2008 Certification.

The scope of audit is the quality management system "Corporate Management of Higher Education Institution" encompassing all core services provided by UiTM, among others:



The audit plan for both days are as follows:


Day 1



Day 2


The order of business commenced with the Opening Meeting that was chaired by the Acting Vice Chancellor of UiTM, Prof. Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman Omar, followed by the Welcome Address and Outstanding Issues from Previous Audit by the Management Representative, Prof. Dr. Sr. Ir. Haji Suhaimi Abd. Talib. This is then followed by the audit of all departments under Corporate Management by the Auditor from LRQA, En Mohd. Ramli Daud.


Surveillance Audit is a regular maintenance audit or the monitoring mechanism for the ISO certification awarded to UiTM since 2005.  InQKA, as the custodian of quality assurance in UiTM, is the Secretariat for this audit as well as all audits by external parties and is responsible for the preparation of relevant documents and presentation slides for the opening session.