What is Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS)?

The Integrated Quality Management System for UiTM is an amalgamation of the following:

With the integration of the two, UiTM is leveraging on the ISO 9001 as an accepted quality management system standard worldwide and COPIA as the series of guidelines and codes of practice for higher education in Malaysia.

The scope of QMS implementation includes the following provisions - research, teaching and learning, services and community engagement, and sustainability - depending on the area of concentration of the Responsibility Centre.

IQMS is previously referred to as QMS V2.



Quality Management System Version 2 (QMS V2)

The Quality Management System Version 2 project (QMS V2) was initiated by InQKA to revise the existing QMS that was based on the ISO 9001:2008 for the PTJs - faculties, campuses and academic centres.  QMS V2 incorporates:

The new QMS, now known as the Integrated QMS, is now being updated with all the changes that have taken place at UiTM within the scope of the existing QMS have also been included. The project also reaffirms the role of the Management Representative, Head of Quality Unit, Document Controller, Internal Audit, and Management Reviews.

To ensure its success, a Steering Committee was appointed, comprising senior staff members who possessed academic quality experience from all over the university to improve the quality assurance processes and QMS documents. Training of people in quality (PIQ) at various levels and workshops involving the Heads of Quality Unit are conducted to impart the knowledge to develop, operate, and maintain the Integrated QMS. Upon completion of the quality documents, the new system will be run and tested. To test the new system, internal audits will be carried out and results of the audit will be used in updating the Integrated QMS for full adoption by the whole university.  

The project manager for QMS V2 is Associate Prof. Dr. Roslina Ab. Wahid, Head of Quality Management System at InQKA.  Under the leadership of Assistant Vice Chancellor, InQKA, the project is scheduled to be completed by September 2016.



Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS)

Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS)

 Implementation Strategy


Enabling People Through Training

Gantt Chart & Milestones

Future Work on UiTM Quality Management System

Future Work on Integrated Quality Management System

In anticipation of and as preparation for the future, InQKA is strengthening its reviewing and auditing capability and capacity to meet future demands and for strengthening its quality assurance services in view of the recent transformation, Trans4U, undergone by the university. To embrace the ISO 9001:2015, the university through InQKA is actively training the People in Quality (PIQ) on on both COPIA and ISO 9000 as well as the IQMS beginning 2016.  

The new version of ISO 9001 contains some changes that include the management and assessment of risk, opportunity and change, context of the organization, and knowledge documented information.