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When is the deadline for AKNC reports to be uploaded into the i-AKNC system?

A1: The deadline for each PTJ to upload the report (which has been confirmed by the Head of Department) is based on the date set by InQKA.


Q2: What is the website for the i-AKNC system?

A2: The website for the i-AKNC system is The system can be accessed using Web SSO.


Q3: I have just been appointed by the Head of Department as the AKNC Coordinator. How do I get access to the i-AKNC system?

A3: AKNC coordinators can get access to the i-AKNC system by sending an email to the AKNC secretariat (Mrs. Siti Norul'Ain Mohd Azizi or Mrs. Hairina Ahmad Bakri).


Q4: What is the function of the AKNC Coordinator at PTJ?

A4: The functions of the AKNC Coordinator at PTJ are as follows:

  1. Choose a focus area on upon approval by the Head of PTJ.
  2. Appoint the AKNC report writers into the i-AKNC system (appointment letter is issued manually by the Head of PTJ).
  3. Write the AKNC report (if appointed as the AKNC report writer).
  4. Review the AKNC report for each criterion.
  5. Send the reviewed AKNC report to the Head of PTJ before submit it to InQKA through the i-AKNC system.


Q5: How can I get a letter of appointment as an AKNC PTJ coordinator?

A5: The letter of appointment of the AKNC Coordinator can be downloaded from the i-AKNC website after the name registration is done by the AKNC secretariat.


Q6: How do I register the name of the author who has been appointed as a writer for AKNC report?

A6: AKNC coordinators who have access to the i-AKNC system can register writers who have been appointed in the current year.


Q7: Who will prepare the AKNC report writer’s appointment letter?

A7: The writer's appointment letter is prepared by the respective PTJ where the letter will be signed by the respective Head of PTJ.


Q8: What is the maximum limit of AKNC report writers that can be appointed by each PTJ?

A8: The maximum limit of AKNC report writers that can be appointed by each PTJ to gain access to the i-AKNC system is 30 people only.


Q9: Does the i-AKNC system distribute writers according to AKNC criteria?

A9: No, the Coordinator will determine the criteria for the writer.


Q10: Why doesn't the i-AKNC system limit the access of writers to the set criteria only?

A10: This is intended to allow all writers to see the writings of other criteria and to allow them to harmonize their respective writings.


Q11: Can writing be done simultaneously?

A11: Writers can write the reports simultaneously.


Q12: How many outcomes should be reported?

A12: Writer only needs to focus on three (3) main outcomes and each outcome is reported in the following section:

  1. Outcome 1
  2. Outcome 2
  3. Outcome 3


Q13: What forms of documents and evidence are allowed/can be used for the evidence column in writing?
  1. PDF files/copies only with maximum of three (3) pages for each evidence.
  2. Subject to a maximum of five (5) proofs.
  3. Sending evidence via Google Drive link is not allowed.


Q14: Who will send the completed report?

A14: The coordinator will send the completed final report to the Head of PTJ for review. If the Head of PTJ approves, he/she will press the "send" button.

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